Will young people need to interact with adults or turn on their cameras for any of these challenges? Which safeguarding measures are in place?

The Challenge questions are all online with pre-recorded videos, for the students to watch. Any live sessions will require access via Zoom webinar, which means that young people will not need to turn on their cameras.

Young people must get permission from parents or carers before taking part in these online challenges as they will be sending their challenge answers and presentations through the online submission forms.

In addition to this, finalists will be invited to visit the head office. In order to visit the head office and participate in the activities at the Career Insight day, they will need permission from a parent or carer and they will need to be accompanied by at least one adult.

Please get in touch with us by emailing schools@gtscholars.org if your school needs access to our safeguarding policy and online safety policies.