Why do you charge fees for your programmes and courses?

We are a social enterprise and we have a mixed funding model.

A few of our programmes are entirely free of charge thanks to sponsorships, partnerships and external funding from grant-based organisations. However, the majority of our programmes are self-funded by our organisation. This means that we do not receive any funding for these programmes and we charge fees to parents.

If you are from a lower income home, you may continue to access our free services such as our free webinars for parents, free digital challenges and our free career summits. You may also apply for our scholarship programmes which are typically open once a year. Scholarship places for our programmes are offered based on merit and on financial need, they are also only on offer to scholars living in the UK. Please ensure that you read through the application process before applying. You will need to provide proof that your child is on Free School Meals.

Please also note that the scholarships that we provide, are only made possible because of the profits we make from selling our programmes and courses to the general public.