We have applied for a scholarship but have not been successful. Are you able to give feedback so we know why we have not been accepted? Can we appeal the decision? Is it worth applying next year?

We don’t give feedback on individual applications and we don’t offer an appeals process. We are a small company and the 100% scholarships that we offer, are based on the profits that we were able to make in the previous term or previous year.

The number of applications we receive for 100% scholarships has significantly increased over the past few years and it’s highly unlikely that we will ever be able to meet the demand. If you’re not offered a place on the 100% scholarship programme, we would recommend that you make use of the free resources that we provide throughout the year.

There are also many other organisations that offer support to young people, so we always recommend that you work with your child’s school and take time to research other organisations: https://gtscholars.org/social-mobility-charities-that-help-young-people-reach-their-aspirations