What is included in the Success Academy membership?

  • As part of your monthly membership, you’ll get access to:
    • Online Courses: Get unlimited access to dozens of our premium expert-led online courses within the online learning hub, with 6 new premium courses added each year (Valued at over £2700)
    • Weekly Check-ins: Each week, your child will get access to weekly check-in messages, reminders and motivational messages from the Scholar Support team.
    • Weekly Group study sessions: Join the weekly group study sessions, work together with other scholars on our programmes, so you can get the support needed to set and achieve your study goals for the week
    • Monthly Live Coaching sessions: Get access to monthly expert-led live group coaching sessions for young people
    • Support from your network: Join the network of ambitious young people who are also taking steps to succeed at school and beyond
    • Parent Webinars: Get access to exclusive live parent webinars, training and support, just for parents
    • You’ll have access to the online courses, coaching sessions, weekly check-ins, and community of support, as long as your membership remains active.
    • You also have the option of annual membership, please get in touch if you would like access to annual membership and this year’s added bonuses.