What does the #GirlMeetsCode Summer 2023 Programme include?

During the summer programme, girls will have the opportunity to connect with industry mentors & role models, learn about careers in coding and technology and work together to design a game or an app!

The programme will run for the Summer and includes: 

  • Online & in-person workshops where pupils will work together to think of ways to use technology to solve everyday problems and ultimately learn how much fun coding can be when used to bring ideas to life! We’ll be looking at a broad range of digital topics within creative coding.
  • Team building and group activities that will help improve communication and teamwork skills. By working on challenging tasks, pupils will build their confidence and improve their leadership skills.
  • Building a network and meeting role models and mentors from the technology sector. Pupils will get the chance to ask questions about careers in technology, which will help to create an awareness of the different careers in technology.