We run high impact programmes that are open to all young people.

We are intentional about bringing people from a wide range of backgrounds to learn from each other and work together. We believe that every ambitious young person should have the chance and choice to succeed in life, regardless of their background.

We’re a social enterprise & we operate by using a business model that puts purpose before profits. We charge fees for our programmes, and use our profits to support young people from the lowest income homes.

We’re not your typical social mobility organisation. We don’t believe in the system of beneficiaries and benefactors and we don’t use words like ‘underprivileged’ and ‘disadvantaged’.
These labels create a sense of privilege for some people, while creating an innate sense of failure for others; and we’re not okay with that.

Our mission is simple.
We’re here to empower all young people by supporting them to achieve their full potential.
We believe that every young young person is gifted and talented and everyone has a gift that they can share with the world.

We believe that young people can do amazing things when they have the right support and strategies in place.
And we believe that we can learn so much from young people, just as they can learn from us.

If you believe the same, please read on…